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Yes, I still have this tape. The editing is pretty bad, but the skating is pretty descent. I need to figure out how to get it on to a dvd so that it will last.

: : About sixteen years ago, I made a skate tape while in college and sent it out to a bunch of companies.
: Do you still have this tape?
: : I got sponsored by Bauer because they did not have much of a presence in the vert scene.
: Great! My first decent boot was a Bauer Turbo 33. I posted an image of this in message 5
: : I got a lot of good stuff. I also got some rollerskate wheels from Kryptonics. Has anyone ever heard or seen Jr. Rippers? These are the wheels I still have and wonder if they are any good. They have small little grooves and I wonder, if they are indoor wheels. They work fine at the park, but I am just curious, if you know of them.
: I don't know this specific wheel. At the moment I am riding Krypto wheels myself (Kryptonics Shadows). Before that I had some Powell wheels on my skated, but they were too small. The grooves in your wheels are there to give them more grip although they are (preumably) quite hard.
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