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Hot LaWa 09 - state of planning
Do a contest like the ones that IMYTA used to do. No need for permits, fees, etc..

They moved from spot to spot and just skated. If cops came, they moved to a new spot.

: Since there where a few people interested in our local contest, I want to report the state of things as they currently are. Still nothing definite, sorry.
: To be able to conduct the contest, we need the permission of the club who owns the ramp (no problem) and also of the city of Freiburg (big problem).
: I talked yesterday to some officical from the city. The problem is that they want a fee for their permission. My opinion is, that we organize something which is of use for the public (especially for the youth). Furthermore we put in a lot of our time and also risk loosing the money we put in for toilet, power, flyers, etc. in the event the contest can't take place because of bad weather. Therefore I don't think that it is OK that the city punishes us with a fee. It doesn't matter that the fee isn't very high (last year they demanded 50 Euro, but that seems to be arbitrary) but it's a matter of principle. It can't be that they treat us like someone who organizes a commercial event and makes money off it. We do not make money with our contest, we loose money.
: The affair is not decided definitely yet. The official I talked to also wants the contest to take place and also is of our opinion regarding the fee. She tries to fight off the fee but it seems that she has a difficult stand against the city bureaucrats.
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