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Whoops. Pic link done wrong. Trying again.

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biffsk8er: Pro-Designed (17. Jul. 2010 08:51)
 I am sponsored as a factory rider by Pro-Designed Inc. (aka Wild Bill), as is Duke now. I am today googling for a pic of Wild Bill on the internet when WHOA!!! What do I find?! I find that he has an outlet in Australia!!

We need to get Joe90 hooked up!! I'm going to look into it if Joe is interested. Joe, you interested??

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biffsk8er: Pro-Designed (17. Jul. 2010 08:53)
 Whoops. Pic link done wrong. Trying again.

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joe90: Pro-Designed (18. Jul. 2010 04:30)
 Hey Biff Thanx for thinking of me dood.I actauly roll Primates,,in my opinion the best knee pads on the planet by a monstorouse margin.They're built by local legend and good buddy of mine Johnee McGrath.I actualy stitch the backs into them for him as we have the ideal machine at my work for the job.
Thanx again though dood.

cheers joe
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biffsk8er: Pro-Designed (18. Jul. 2010 08:17)
 We'll have to compare pads side by side some day. I'd love to see what you Aussie types can create. Do you tap the aboriginal labor pool?? :P

Don't need to thank me, but you're welcome anyway. You rip it could I not think of you when I think of the 'Outback'?

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hludi: Pro-Designed (18. Jul. 2010 08:38)
 hi guys,
dirk is the P.D.distributer right here in melbs,
i had a roll with him this morn at box hill.
we all have his wrist gaurds, as they are the business.
when it comes to knee pads i have to back joe 100%.
whilst P.D. are very good, jon's are better.
cheers and happy rolling, H.
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biffsk8er: Pro-Designed (18. Jul. 2010 20:14)
 Have you compared all the different types??
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