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Saturday Session
Looking good Robert!!
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Robert: Saturday Session (31. Aug. 2010 05:17)
 I had a chance to skate Vans on saturday and it was a blast.

Rollerskating O.C. August 28, 2010 from Robert Chase on Vimeo.

Direkt link to Vimeo.
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joe90: Saturday Session (31. Aug. 2010 10:48)
 Tearing it up dood.How's it feel now with the re-vamp?Did you skate the original?
Thanx for that dood,that was rad.

cheers joe
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Robert: Saturday Session (31. Aug. 2010 16:35)
 I only skated the original once. The new one is really nice, but I don't really like the shallow. When you come out of the round you go up a waterfall and get a little air and then there is a little waterfall or bump right before the shallow end wall. I was also suprised to see a lot of people sliding out. Overall, it is a great bowl and super fun.
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biffsk8er: Saturday Session (3. Sep. 2010 22:56)
 Man! That was nice!! I like those bowls. Thanks for sharing.
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claudine: Saturday Session (5. Sep. 2010 03:52)
 Looking good Robert!!
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