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claudine: sculpture (24. Sep. 2010 03:18)
 Hey Irene, rather have the do rag then the helmet? Somehow it doesnt look right lol. Still working on it but also finishing up the mold for the other roller skater. :-D
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claudine: sculpture (24. Sep. 2010 03:19)
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biffsk8er: sculpture (24. Sep. 2010 18:40)
 : Hey Irene, rather have the do rag then the helmet? Somehow it doesnt look right lol. Still working on it but also finishing up the mold for the other roller skater. :-D

I hope you do not mind a few observations, as I mean no disrespect at all. I could never do a sculpture even half as good as yours. My intent is 'constructive criticism'. Feel free to let me know if you'd prefer me to not pipe in.

I think your issues with her might stem from her facial expression. The face should look a bit more 'aggressive', or at least more intent on the trick at hand. Either that, or maybe it is because she should be looking more toward the ramp where she will be proceeding after completing her trick??

Also, the wheels look a bit too small to me. And finally, the helmet looks like it is riding way too high, like a bike helmet, rather than a skate helmet.

Other wise, I really like the over all shape, stance, and look of the body.

Also, I hope you get to do some more skating soon!! Cheers!!!
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claudine: sculpture (24. Sep. 2010 19:13)
  OK its obvious you havent worked with clay. It does take time for the clay to set to work with it in more detail, thats why I said I'm still working on it. There are NO wheels on the trucks now, they are wet. The clay doesnt hold when its wet fyi. The wheels fall off!

Also I view skating differently then you. I know you are very competitive, wanting to know where other skaters are at skill wise and always attacking the ramps, looking to your next me. Me though I am NOT an aggressive skater and just want to share the love of skating, the moment. I am a happy skater that loves to feel free, like I"m flying. Its all about having fun for me, falling, getting back up to try again, learning, not caring really. Not really caring if I'm any good in all honesty. I just like to learn tricks for myself, not to compete with others or prove anything. Skating for me is not at all about competition, doing a trick perfectly, or attacking something competitively/aggressively. Actually I hope Irene always kills me on the ramps so I have someone to look up to. ;-D Its just about having fun and having my own personal goals.

A stall is a stance/pose. Just having a YES moment. Suspended in time. Irene I think shares the same love of just just skating/non competitively as I do. Shes in it for the long hall. I think like me she would just enjoy doing the trick without being so focused on nailing the next one to impress others. So I have her just being happy in the moment. As thats how I feel, I would want a pic showing how proud I was doing that one trick, that moment in time. My other skater too is just happy in the moment, suspended in air, not looking to attack the next trick. He has a goofy expression showing the viewer how awesome skating is rather then worrying about if he will nail the landing right or the next trick. As you see my poses are more humble, not perfect/rigid. I am in no way an aggressive person. Just a nice person, maybe too nice lol. Its just how I skate, happy and humbly. I am just happy I can roll nowadays and have 2 arms and 2 legs that manage. If they can do things, thats just icing on the cake!

I am also into motion, movement and the more movement/twists within the body the better. And I want my skaters to interact/engage with the viewer. Not be self absorbed.

Thanks for the feedback. I have not attended much to the helmet as like I mentioned. No reason to work on it much if thats not working for me. Not sure if I want a helmet or do an Irene do rag. I think I would like visually the do rag better but I feel its important to emphasize safety as being cool too, lol.
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Jay: sculpture (25. Sep. 2010 01:50)
I agree with EVERYTHING you said, except the helmet thing. You HAVE to put her in a helmet. Like it or not, we are ambassadors of our Sport. Everytime I go the park I'm the most heavily padded (usually ONLY one with ANY pads) in the whole skatepark. Kids ask about it, or like the other day, ask how old I am, then ask how I can still sk8 @ my age & the answer is always: "I wear my pads EVERYTIME I sk8". We have to lead by Example. Even in Art.
That being said; I think it's WAY outta line to give criticisms of the type Biff has here on Art.....especially Unfinished Art. I, for one, feel Honored & Privileged that not only do you apply your considerable Talent to immortalizing our beloved Sport, but you actually show us the work IN PROGRESS. That's something most Artists don't do. So, Thank You.
BTW, I share your feelings on being "in the moment" & just feeling the "joy of skating". That's how I feel when I sk8. I don't believe I would have enjoyed being in a competitive situation on my sk8s. But maybe that's just because I know there are SO MANY better skaters than me that I never would've had a spot on the podium. LOL! Doubt it though. Skating is something you either LOVE or you don't. And your Love of Skating is evident in your Art. Thanks.
And, please, post up on RS World. Always need more Art & Culture on there!
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claudine: sculpture (25. Sep. 2010 05:54)
 Ah thanks Jay! You are so awesome!! Yes I will keep the helmet on as I also share your beliefs on safety in this sport. I always have everything padded on me or I dont skate. I was even made fun of when I was skateboarding on the street since that is WAY not cool. :( I want to change the image a bit.

Its alright for Biff to criticize me. I just thought I would explain how art work, especially sculpture, is a process that takes TIME, maybe up to a year as the mold takes a couple months too, fixing the cast, painting, then the stand I have to build/stain. People dont realize this as everything is made by computer nowadays, not by hand. Computers deaden and cheapen things but most people want quick, cheap, meaningless pieces of work and cant even see the difference.

I've learned that the joy comes from the process, the making. The contact/building is so much FUN! Thats why I share it as I get the most joy watching it come alive and change! Kinda makes me feel like a God lol. I know most artists never share this as they want to show their successes only. I found unhappiness focusing on the results. Right now I want to focus on the enjoyment without pressure to sell/results. I'm still getting over feeling confident in using my arm honestly.

Same with skating. The thrill is spending months and months sometimes working on a trick and the day you nail it, its awesome!! When I was a competitive runner, I lost that joy as I was never good enough, never satisfied and stopped enjoying the process of running. Thats one reason why I love roller skating. Noone here to compete with. And I'm a girl, older, scrawny and was crippled up a good while so I appreciate everything I can do nowadays. Its even better actually!

I will post tomorrow on your board. I've been so behind on the internet lol, sorry.

Biff if you want more edgy, my drawings are sometimes disturbing now as I am very honest/truthful and have lots of German expressionism blood in me. I feel nothing but joy and freedom with skating though so thats what I portray. And maybe a bit goofy too. :-D

Jay, you are a GREAT skater btw! Greatness is relative. Me, I give myself no expectations so I surpassed them so I'm happy where I'm at. I'm just all into this sculpture because for me stalling and going over the spine was something I was very scared to do and put it off and I just learned that a bit ago. Now to get that trick will be cool!!

Tomorrow I'm working on it again, then skating in the afternoon so it will be a rad day for sure.
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biffsk8er: sculpture (27. Sep. 2010 22:14)

I did not know that wheels were not on it already. I am sorry. I thought you had just made very small ones.

And yes, we skate differently, but my comments had nothing to do with "my" aggressive-competitive style of skating. I am a very technical and detail oriented person when it comes to things I know. I do apologize if you took offense. I sometimes have trouble thinking outside of the box, as is very common with art. I was looking at the pose from the viewpoint of "Where would my body be positioned, and what would I be doing during this trick?".

Further, I expect you to make whatever style sculpture you want to make. I did not expect you to make the type of sculpture that I would make, especially since it is "obvious (I) havent worked with clay". I expected that you would take whatever parts of advice given, that you might think pertinent, and apply them. Or, that you might not use any advice given. Whatever your choice, it is YOUR choice.

Your art is fantastic. Do not get the wrong idea that I feel otherwise. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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