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Do these jeans make my butt look fat? lol
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biffsk8er: Respect (27. Sep. 2010 22:21)
 Jay, you have no right to tell everyone here; "I think it's WAY outta line to give criticisms of the type Biff has here on Art".

Claudine has that right.....not you. She often asks for opinions on her art and we often give it to her. In this particular case, Claudine stated "Somehow it doesnt look right". Based on that comment, I was trying to offer my perspective on it in order to be helpful, and definitely not hurtful.

Do not jump to conclusions and then act as Judge, Jury, and Executioner. Your quick condemnation of my comments leads me to believe that you already felt this way towards me. I even started out my post with :

"I hope you do not mind a few observations, as I mean NO DISRESPECT at all. I could never do a sculpture even half as good as yours. My intent is 'CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM'. Feel free to let me know if you'd prefer me to not pipe in. "
(did you even read this part?)

Jay, you are the one who is out of line. Please show a little more decorum and respect for others. I thought we were friends.

To all here on the forum, I respect you all, and never post anything that is meant to be disrespectful. If I do post something that you might question, please contact me, here or privately, so that we can hash out any preconceptions before comments are made that cannot be undone. All my comments regarding Claudine's sculpture were meant with the utmost respect for her abilities as an artist. I am sorry that my comments were misinterpreted to mean anything impugning.
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Bernhard: Respect (27. Sep. 2010 23:59)
 Hey people, what's up? Any sandstorm affecting the collective mood of all American roller skaters?

Pace, brothers and sisters! Pax vobiscum!

I think no one wanted to hurt the feelings of anyone. Claudine is doing great art of a very special kind: It's quite unique in the space of roller skating art. I think we all are happy to see this and also to see it in progress. We even learn a bit about how you have to work with the material. Biff just shaered what he saw with his eyes on small picture which can hardly convey the grandness of the real think. Nevertheless, his comment was invited and therefore not inappropriate per se. He has his own way with words which is difficult sometimes to me too but I think I have learned that he is well meaning.

Besides, I am sure that we all enjoy the feeling of just rolling and floating, especially if we haven't been able to do so for some time. What a joy to roll, what excitement to feel the transition rising! Yes, I freely admit to enjoy rolling but also to crave for more. And I think that's the same for every roller skater. And I always loved the way the best roller skaters in the world accepted those who could't perform the raddest tricks into their family. Let's build on that spirit and keep it that way.
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claudine: Respect (29. Sep. 2010 01:05)
 Biff, I know you meant no disrespect. I was just explaining how I feel about skating and why the pose is the way it is and just explaining the process. I'm used to getting slammed, fired, yelled at, stepped on, told I'm a stupid shit, so like used to criticism to the grave man. I was just letting people know how things are built since I assume that being a roller skater like me thats curious how things work/are built, some might be interested. We all seem more artsy/creative as roller skaters eh?

I also dont spend time on parts that dont seem right til I am OK with what I'm working on. I was just debating going to the do rag thing so that was my question. I was just sharing the process and my excitement. If you guys just want the finished product, thats OK too. Even the old ladies in my class are amazed and enjoy watching my skaters come alive which cracks me up, and I get plenty of kudos from them lately. The pics dont do it justice so either way I'm happy. I dont do many things well, I just like to share the few things I feel I can succeed in.

Dont lose it at Jay, he also meant no harm to you I can tell. Jay is my roller skating brother in my eyes! He is a peace and love guy from head to toe. He was just backing me up as I am just a runt really so I appreciate his kindness on my part. Dont take it personally Biff or turn this into something, you are a tough guy unlike me. I would say more but a little under the weather today so lets all chill, K? Peace and love folks. Biff you can skate circles around me and others. You can stand on your podium and attack the ramps and I will skate just for the love of it and express it the best way I can too, through joy through my art and big smiles. :-D

No fighting dudes, just get up and smile at the skates we all have and the ability to keep doing this stuff! Isnt it amazing???? Some people cant even walk anymore much less roll. We are all very lucky here on this forum.

Skate and smile all the time, hehehehhe, YEP!
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Jay: Respect (29. Sep. 2010 21:47)
  Whoa. I've been offline a few days. Guess that's not a bad thing.
Biff, I didn't mean any DISrespect if that is what you're insinuating I did. I was just sticking up for Art in general & Claudine in Specific. We ARE Friends. Which is why I felt I could speak my mind plainly. Anyone who knows me, even those of you who only know me via the internet, know that I say what I think. I never claim to speak for anyone else OR be an authority on ANYthing. But I AM an opinionated S.O.B. So what?
I, for one, couldn't draw a straight line with a fug'n yardstick. My father & daughter on the other hand BOTH are gifted artists in multiple mediums. Like Claudine. I happen to respect that greatly. All the more so since I have no skills in that area myself. Frankly, I was surprised AND Honored that Claudine AGAIN chose to share her UNFINISHED Art with us. I thought you were a bit harsh & was trying to defend Claudine from that. But I guess that wasn't necessary. Apparently she has thicker skin than you do, Biff. So, again, no disrespect intended. If your feelings were/are hurt. I'm sorry. But, go easy on Claudine in the future, Bro. Seriously. I mean you couldn't even see that Irene was still skate-less. It's obviously a work in progress. We're privileged to even see it. OK?
Damn. I had no idea there was Drama. And I was involved. Kind of. Anyway, I hope this is the end of that. I dislike Drama.
I skated with some boarder friends of mine last weekend. I made a movie. I'll share it in a new thread. I hope we're cool, Biff.
Claudine WAS right. I meant nothing by it AND I'm a Peace & Love guy. Do YOU have a peace symbol tattooed on your arm?? I do. And TWO giant rollerskates too. :-) Soooooooo


BTW: I consider the above matter closed. PEACE
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biffsk8er: Respect (29. Sep. 2010 23:27)
 1) Your defending Claudine was not needed for 2 reasons :
a) There was never an attack on Claudine.
b) Also, she can defend herself.

2) I never insinuated that you said something disrespectful. I stated very clearly that what you said was disrespectful to me.

3) We are obviously NOT friends. Your dismissive response to my feelings reflects an imperious attitude, and shows that you disregard others feelings as insignificant to your own. As does your statement that you "...consider this matter closed". It is not.

4) Saying 'no offense intended', right after saying something offensive, does not negate the offensive statement :
"Apparently she has thicker skin than you do, Biff."
Was that meant to make me feel better?

5) I do not have a tattoo of a peace symbol on my arm, or anywhere else. Just having such a tattoo does not mean that the wearer reflects said properties. I also have NEVER told YOU that you were "WAY outta line". A peaceful person would show more respect.

6) I am further dis-respected by your referring to my personal feelings as 'Drama'. And you were not "Kinda" involved; You were the cause of the drama. You still ignore the fact that you offended me. You lay this entire debacle at my feet and claim no responsibility whatsoever. Man up.

I regret that my words about Claudine's art were taken the wrong way; especially since I was simply trying to be helpful after her statement "Somehow it doesnt look right". Even while trying to frame my comments beforehand as helpful advice, it was taken the wrong way. I accept that my actions caused problems. You however, do not seem to be able to do this.

Your efforts to minimize my "Drama", and demean my comments as irrelevant, has not helped bring "peace".
We are not "Cool".
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claudine: Respect (30. Sep. 2010 02:23)
 Biff, yes I did feel attacked fyi. But I see things from anothers viewpoint first to gain understanding. I am a highly sensitive person actually and not up to par if you werent aware. Its why the no videos of me right now as I'm burnt out hearing crap about certain things. I'm just trying to love life the best I can dude and in peace. Skating and art do that for me so I'm in my own happy world. I honestly dont care what others think if I am happy so no need for me to get bent out of shape and no need for me to prove myself.
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joe90: Respect (30. Sep. 2010 03:01)
 Maybe take it to email doods,this forum is here for sk8 based fun ,info and unity,,not the oposite.

chers joe
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ireNe: Respect (30. Sep. 2010 04:09)
 I'm with you, Joe.... and hopefully this will not discourage anyone from sharing their experiences on this forum. I applaude any efforts to squash this immediately.
And, mostly, I give Claudine a big gold star, for she is the BEST... in strength, courage and tenacity.
Roll on y'all and enjoy ;-)
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joe90: Respect (30. Sep. 2010 05:07)
Biff v Jay padless, pantsless,one rollerskate each,laces tied together.First one out of the vert bowl wins the sculpture.

Support bout
joe90 vs Claudine and Irene,jelly wrestling.Three people,one bikini,and a bucket of hot choc fudge.Yummy!

Ok if theres anyone I have'nt offended yet,let me know.

cheers joe
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Bernhard: Respect (30. Sep. 2010 08:20)
 : Ok if theres anyone I have'nt offended yet,let me know.

I think you have to try much harder. :-) Seems that the Aussies aren't any good at offending ...

BTW recently I had a nice visit from down under. Tim and Sonja where here and brought their one year old daughter with them. Ah, sometimes it is so much better to meet in person that over the net or phone! Therefore I think your suggestion to meet in person has a lot of merits.
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joe90: Respect (30. Sep. 2010 08:50)
 Good on ya MrB. Nice to catch up with old buddies.As for meeting in person,,I'll gage by response, I'm not partial to a punch in the head.

cheers joe
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Bernhard: Respect (30. Sep. 2010 08:55)
 Hehe, Being the peaceful guy I am, I didn't imagine "meeting in person" to be that drastic. But you are right. It all depends ... ;-)
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ireNe: Respect (30. Sep. 2010 21:17)
: Biff v Jay padless, pantsless,one rollerskate each,laces tied together.First one out of the vert bowl wins the sculpture.
: Support bout
: joe90 vs Claudine and Irene,jelly wrestling.Three people,one bikini,and a bucket of hot choc fudge.Yummy!
: Ok if theres anyone I have'nt offended yet,let me know.
: cheers joe

That's the way to settle up.
I'm in if Joe90 wears the bikini...

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joe90: Respect (1. Oct. 2010 02:09)
 That was my cunning plan from the start.

cheers joe
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Robert: Respect (1. Oct. 2010 02:47)
 Do these jeans make my butt look fat? lol
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claudine: Respect (3. Oct. 2010 21:31)
 Can we have a bucket of peanut butter too so when I fall over laughing I can lick my fingers while Irene nails ya in the bikini? lol.
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