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Message 13447 (3. Oct. 2010 11:35) (Tree)

I will, THx!!
Here i found a pic of me in '87 in Ostend belgium. :-}
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Gorik: "new" quads (3. Oct. 2010 10:37)
 Hello there,
My "new" vert quads arrived last week.
I was skating in the eighty's and early neighty's and want to start over again. Mid life crisis?? :-} Now I had one probleme, early this year they have stolen my camper van and ofcourse all my skate stuff was inside.
But I found a nice pair on the net.
So let's start skating!!! Hell yeah!
Grtz from Belgium
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joe90: "new" quads (3. Oct. 2010 11:14)
 Fugn rad gorik get on it dood,,and show us whats happenin with some vids and pics.Welcome to the forums too.
take it easy brother.

cheers joe
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Gorik: me (3. Oct. 2010 11:35)
 I will, THx!!
Here i found a pic of me in '87 in Ostend belgium. :-}
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Jay: me (3. Oct. 2010 17:06)
  Welcome Gorik!
Always nice to have a "new" skater join us. Lookin forward to seeing some recent video.

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claudine: me (3. Oct. 2010 21:29)
 Wow, love it! Have fun!! That will be my next trick I try to get back, handplant/monkey plant. I've gotta start getting myself back in shape. ;-D
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Bernhard: new "quads" (4. Oct. 2010 08:35)
 Hey Gorik,

welcome and congratulations to returning to the best fun in the world! Skate safe and have fun and keep us posted!

Cheers, Bernhard
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bombe: me (4. Oct. 2010 09:01)
 Welcome to the forum.
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h ludi: me (4. Oct. 2010 10:40)
 welcome mate, youll fit right in here with all us crazies.
cheers, h.
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