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Bad news from Holger
There is also a flag someone on Facebook made out of my shot from Beule with Govy.
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Bernhard: Bad news from Holger "Beule" Sander (16. Nov. 2010 21:02)
 It seems that Australian authorities captured Beule's sailing boat 800 km off the Australian coast in international waters. They seem to have killed his dog Governor. There is a group "Free Beule" forming at Facebook. I'm not a big Facebook fan, but if this helps in freeing him, I'm all for it: link to the "Free Beule" group at Facebook
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joe90: Bad news from Holger (16. Nov. 2010 21:33)
 Far out what's the deal.Under what charge are they holding him.Oz government is realy shit at looking after guests but most of the people do not have there heads quite so far up there asses.If Holger is anything like me then losing hie dog is like losing a brother/sister and I realy feel for him.Fucking rediculous!!
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Bernhard: Bad news from Holger (16. Nov. 2010 21:47)
 It seems that he got charged for drug trafficking. I can't imagine that he is into this kind of stuff but as far as I understood he was transferring ships for other people and it could be that he got framed.

The story about his dog is infinitely sad. She was his companion for some 10 years or more. I can't understand why she had to die.
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Bernhard: More Details (16. Nov. 2010 22:34)
 Holger's brother Joerg writes:

Hi friends of Free Beule. I´m happy to see that a lot of people want to help, please keep doing so, because this shit isn´t going to end to soon.

The facts. Beule was on a delivery sailing trip to deliver a catamaran to the south pacific, he was NOT sailing on the Secret Love.

The U.S. drug enforcement agency tipped of the Australien Federal Police that "a" catamaran is going to deliver cocaine to Australia. The AFP made a surch at the Sailing Yacht (monohull) "Mayhem of Eden" in the Scarborough Marina near Brisbane/Queensland at the australien eastcoast and found 464kg of cocaine.

Then they started looking for a potential catamaran. Wrong time wrong place Beule was sailing in the tasmanian sea 800km (390 nautical miles) of the australien coast in international waters. The Aussies thaught this could be a good catch and towed the catamaran "Edelweiß" to Australia speculating that this catamaran could have been involved in a boat to boat transfer in open waters. The catamaran was under german flag.

They accused Holger and his crewmate in "aiding and abetting illegal importation of a commercial quanitity of controlled substances" implying that Holger is a member of international drug mafia LOL LOL.

Holger is attended by a lawyer from a respectable Lawyers society. But there is no chance to get a look into the police files, the investigations are in progress, even my phone is tapped and my internet connection is monitored. Hi there BB :-(

As i heard from friends the german BKA (German Federal Police - Bundeskriminalamt) made house surches at places where Holger lived years before.

The sadest part of the story is that the aussies killed our all good friend Lady Governer. R.I.P Govy.

News will follow asap.

Joerg Sander Beules Bro
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biffsk8er: More Details (17. Nov. 2010 22:01)
 I hope it all gets sorted asap.

Sorry to hear of this bad turn for Holger Sander.
Serious bummer.

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Bernhard: More Details (17. Nov. 2010 22:32)
 I also hope it gets sorted out. I saw a clip about this on YouTube on the Australian media. Sounds really bad. On the other hand I can't imagine him to be into this. He's the kind of person who relies on what he can achieve by his own work, like his skates or the ship he got sea-worthy.
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Bernhard: More news from Holger 's brother (18. Nov. 2010 06:37)
 Joerg Sander writes:

Dear friends.

"Fuck The System Enjoy Yourself" that was allways the credo of Holger "Beule" Sander

First of all i must say how much i´m touched by all this committment of you guys. I hope that Beule will have the oppurtunity soon to see this with his own eyes.

There is starting a lot of speculations about if or if not Beule was/is involved into this matter. I know him since a couple of years, he was allways a standup guy giving shit to bondage of money and the demand of society to be a good and wealthy part, pay tax, work 45years and shut the fuck up your mouth. Could this man really be seduced to risk all his live of being a free creature, living on a boat,travelling the world, for some dough or for some more dough? I won´t believe that.

Needless to say that the media needs food and that the authorities needs success what ever it takes.

The reason why he looked tired in this video might be that he was a couple of days at seas. As i know they started in Panama. The distance to the place where they where captured by the Australiens is about 8500nautical miles which are about 15.700km,assuming that they made an average of 9kn/hour (which is a positive assumtion) they where a minimum of 40 to 60 days at sea whithout seeing land. Sailing by two the ryhthm is maybe 4 hours sleep 4hours watch.Every sailor of this world looks fucking tired after that period.

In the justice of Germany and most countries of western democratic style exists something called "presumption of innocence", that means to be innocent until proven guilty. Till now the prosecution didn´t show up with any evidence.

Beule called me last night. It was a quick call, his $s where running through pretty fast. His own words were "I´m fine, according to the circumstances" needless to say that he was very sad an upset about Govys fate. I told him that many friends are committed and will support as good as they can.

But, he also said and thats what he heard from other cell mates, that the australien justice is working pretty slow. His words where "stay calm and be patient".

I bow my head before all of you and hope that all you guys keep going on supporting Beule.

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h ludi: More news from Holger 's brother (19. Nov. 2010 14:14)
 this is terrible news.
there has been no coverage of events on our local nachrichten, however we are monitoring the situation.
our deepest sympathies go out to all concerned.
i have a minute amount of faith in our authorities, and hope they dont just rubber stamp some other agencies decision.
good luck and we hope common sense prevailes.
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Bernhard: More news from Holger 's brother (19. Nov. 2010 14:36)
 Here's some coverage in the Australian news:

Indeed, horrible stuff. I'm so sad about them putting Beule's dog Governor to sleep.
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joe90: More news from Holger 's brother (22. Nov. 2010 21:12)
 Any more news yet?I still han'nt seen or heard a thing aside from this forum.

cheers joe
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Bernhard: More news from Holger 's brother (23. Nov. 2010 08:11)
 Here's an article from Oct 14 in NineMSN, They name the people on the boat where the drugs where found but not the names of the katamaran on which Beule was.

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Bernhard: Bad news from Holger (23. Nov. 2010 08:18)
 There is also a flag someone on Facebook made out of my shot from Beule with Govy.
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Bernhard: Bad news from Holger (23. Nov. 2010 16:14)
 The latest info from Beule's brother:

Joerg Sander 23. November 11:17

Dear friends.
Just a little update. I was in contact with Beules lawyer who met with him last friday, his words:

"Hi Joerg

Holger was in good spirits yesterday when I saw him (as best as can be expected) and says to say hello to everyone and to thank them for their continued support."

So far the lawyer doesn´t know anything about if or if not there is evidence that prooves if Holger might be involved into this or not. The matter is still under investigation. Beule is hold in imprisonment on remand.

We are going to send new spectacles to Beule this week. A friend in cologne managed to go to the oculist where Beule used to go to, to get the right data for for the spectacle-lenses, that an optician could assemble new spectacles.

News will follow asap.

Joerg Sander Beules Bro
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Bernhard: Bad news from Holger (27. Nov. 2010 13:24)
 Update from November 27, 2010

Joerg Sander
Dear friends.

Brief update.

The spectacles for Beule are on their way to Australia. I added a screenshot of the Free Beule group to the mailing.

We opend an account. As soon as erything is confirmed and we have the account-data we will announce the data.

Thanx1000 again for your support.

News will follow asap.

Joerg Sander Beules Bro
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ireNe: Bad news from Holger (3. Dec. 2010 06:52)

and to donate $$$:

Just when you think your life sucks... you gotta know, it's not so bad!
Hope Beule all the best and a swift release. Freedom!
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Jason: Bad news from Holger (15. Dec. 2010 09:04)

Some basic info and such. Check it out and link to it!

Beule will need our help.
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Jason: This is still ongoing! (6. Mar. 2014 01:44)
 Hello all- Just an update, please note that this is still not even close to being over. After 1240 days in detention Holger Sander still has not had trial. He is still in Remand detention!

Please help support by writing to your Bundestag politicians if you are German and informing them that a fellow German needs assistance in Australia! Look for the form-letter to come live on the website in the next days. Please go there and sign up to be notified of info when it comes available. He will need all the support we can give him!

Let's help him out and get the German Government to look into the legality of the arrest and detention according to International Laws which Australia is also signatory to!
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Bernhard: This is still ongoing! (6. Mar. 2014 07:58)
 Hi Jason,

thank you very much for the update!

I didn't know that there still was no trial. Out government has to insist that Beule be released immediately.
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