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biffsk8er: Photos (4. Mar. 2011 23:13)
 Recently, a photographer named Mike Mundell came to Austin to do a photography workshop. Here are the pics that he took.
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Bernhard: Photos (4. Mar. 2011 23:32)
 Great stuff! I like it!

One gets a good impression of the session and the photographer does some decent work of capturing you skating.
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biffsk8er: Photos (5. Mar. 2011 08:24)
 Thanks, Bernhard.

I really like the quality of the photos. They almost make me look good!! The magic of the camera.

On another note, I'm in the middle of a new skate build, but delays have kept me from working on them the last few days. Soon though, I'll unveil my new quad vert skates incarnation!!
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rollerball: Photos (6. Mar. 2011 03:29)
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biffsk8er: Photos (6. Mar. 2011 08:36)


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rubio: Photos (6. Mar. 2011 12:34)
 I like this fotos very good
Concrete skatepark in the backside I brake. I did it with the body but within the ramp and do better.
But I can not find wheels that slide into the cement Grrrrrr
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biffsk8er: Photos (8. Mar. 2011 06:38)
 That did not translate very well. But sounds like you need harder wheels for concrete.

On another note, my new skates are done.
I'll post pics tomorrow.
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rubio: Photos (9. Mar. 2011 05:52)
 The problem I have is that the wheels of 103a - 97a-86a - much grip in the concrete.
the only ones that are better, are those aged 80a
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biffsk8er: Photos (9. Mar. 2011 06:40)
 I find that the best wheels for concrete are hard skateboard wheels, that are rounded on both the inside and outside; often referred to as 'dub-cons' (double conical). Mine are around 100 hardness.
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