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RollerCon 2011 Sk8Park Tour
Carve the streets Claudine!
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Jay: RollerCon 2011 Sk8Park Tour (8. Jun. 2011 01:48)
  It's July 28-31 this year. If anyone's interested, contact me for details about this year's new indoor park.
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bnwsk88: RollerCon 2011 Sk8Park Tour (8. Jun. 2011 02:56)
 Hi Jay!
I am logging on write now to buy my ticket. I will be staying at Circus Circus since it is a few buck cheaper. I have room for 1 dude if anybody wants to room together. WoooHooo!! Looking way forward to the fun!
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claudine: RollerCon 2011 Sk8Park Tour (13. Jun. 2011 00:50)
 I hope you all have fun! No vacations for me, but I hope you take a bunch of pics/vids for me to enjoy.

My skatepark just opened up but the kiddies have ruined it. They took down the 6 foot halfpipe and the spine, just launch ramps and boxes and the 4 1/2 mini left, lame. So I have to figure out what I can work on this summer. Not interested in jumping things, sorry, thats not for me. When I can afford to get my car fixed, I might just go once a week some place else. So thats why I havent been posting.
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Bernhard: RollerCon 2011 Sk8Park Tour (13. Jun. 2011 21:49)
 Such a shame that they took down the ramp and the spine! Seems to be the same almost everywhere. Yesterday I came through Kirchzarten (after riding my bike over mount Schauinsland for the first time this year) and the local mini ramp still is gone. They took it down last year to bury some pipes. At least the surface is redone but the ramp is missing. I still have a small hope that it will come back since it is my favorite mini ramp in the vicinity of Freiburg.

Well, at least went to the big ramp i the evening and watched Thomas ride his skateboard. No skating for me, however, I had quite enough excercise with my bike!
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claudine: RollerCon 2011 Sk8Park Tour (14. Jun. 2011 03:44)
 I've been pretty upset how difficult it is for me now to have a place to skate. There are bowls but they are far away and I've been out of luck now with the transportation issue. I think I will have to find things to learn skating the streets and maybe its time to learn how to ollie again lol. I"m just really a roller skater though! This summer though I have to focus on my sculpture anyways as they are now cutting classes and might not have the opportunity to take it next summer. Budgets and kids are ruining the things I love. I wasnt sure this was other places. Seems like on the west coast, Spain and the Aussies have it good. I am just too easy to break to jump rails and boxes, its not my thing.
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bnwsk88: RollerCon 2011 Sk8Park Tour (21. Jun. 2011 05:17)
 Carve the streets Claudine!
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claudine: RollerCon 2011 Sk8Park Tour (21. Jun. 2011 20:18)
 Yeah, thats what I'm doing! I love my roller skates. Bowls, ramps or not I still love the wheels beneath me. I just have to be more creative! I'm just too old for jumping on boxes and rails. When you hit 40 as a woman things hurt, lol.
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