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which skates?
here are my longer plates on my street skates. i want a carerra boot too i think i dont know i'm broke.
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claudine: which skates? (7. Aug. 2011 06:56)
 i'm going to recut my sliders so they are flat with maybe a 50mm wide slight curve in the center. not a whole v like last time.

but i'm not sure if i should stick to my shorter plates which are 1/8th inch forward in the back or the full length? mostly i do little stuff but if i push too much on taller ramps i can slam on my butt but the shorter plates help me not to clip and turn easier. heres what i have now.
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claudine: which skates? (7. Aug. 2011 06:57)
 here are my longer plates on my street skates. i want a carerra boot too i think i dont know i'm broke.
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biffsk8er: which skates? (7. Aug. 2011 08:44)
 I myself, like the longer plates. But, that is one of those things that I think is a personal decision. Over all, I find the longer wheel base is better for vert, at least for me.

Also, look in resale shops for second hand boots. I now have cross country ski boots that have great ankle support, but they are also very flexible in the ankles (since the material is soft). I found them for 30 dollars in a resale shop. I do not think the carerra boot will withstand the abuse they will receive in vert skating.
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Bernhard: which skates? (7. Aug. 2011 09:08)
 Like Biff writes, plate length is a personal decision. But I think there are criteria. Like you write, a shorter wheel base provides better manoeverability but less stability. I ince had a set of shorter plates on my street skates and I didn't like it. It's probably bećause I like speed. You get quite fast in a big ramp and then more stability matters. You also get quite fast when riding downhill and then stability matters, again.
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claudine: which skates? (7. Aug. 2011 18:28)
 ok, i will have to decide. i'm just very short so when the wheel base is longer in the back my wheels can clip but a shorter rear base makes it harder for me to stand all the way up without falling backwards while pumping, so yes less speed.
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rubio: which skates? (10. Aug. 2011 10:18)
 Well, I use the same measure between trucks, like downhill and aggressive.
I'm good stability in downhill ramp and go well
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Gambin: which skates? (10. Aug. 2011 13:09)
 if you want, I can design for you a good plates for vert and try the long distance between trucks for VERT with the best stability and Spaniard style, only need the size of your boot in millimeters of course.
and you can try to made the sliders with 4 screws and 2 screwed pipes.
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claudine: which skates? (11. Aug. 2011 02:24)
 right now i dont have another boot and broke. i have some supplies here already and trying to figure out if i can afford a new boot. i dont travel much to hit many 2nd hand shops. i have abnormally narrow heels so its hard to get a boot that fits my foot and stays on my ankles. i wish! i love your skates!! im just too poor though. i hope to go this weekend to see if i like the longer plate on my street skates then maybe i have to use those for both til i find another boot.
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