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News from Beule

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Bernhard: News from Beule (5. Oct. 2011 23:38)
 Björn Hoff writes:

Beule called me this morning.

The hearings had as the only result that there must be an accusal in the next 6 months. After "only" 1.5 years in prison ... Holger says thousand times thank you for the support and for the support with respect to the cost for the lawyer. Besides, thousand times thank you for the heap of mail that he received. He is totally happy that you didn't forget him! Beule did some further writing. he wrote about his travel story from Mülheim to Bayonne. He wants to send this soon. He has two new job offerings, one in the sports hall, where he is allowed to excercise every morning, one in the "prisoners support", where he is typing letters for other prisoners. Besides he continues to learn English. That's where his three minutes on the phone ended and the super fast Australian Justice has a few more tapes to translate.

Free Beule!
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biffsk8er: News from Beule (6. Oct. 2011 18:43)
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Bernhard: News from Beule (6. Oct. 2011 19:46)
 It's unbelievable that they can hold him for so log ithout charging him. I'd have thought that was impossible.
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claudine: News from Beule (7. Oct. 2011 00:25)
 this is great news! governments can do many unjust things unfortunately.
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