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I used incorrect img bad.

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cephalopoid: Kneepads (26. Jul. 2012 18:57)
 I've been googling reviews and such, but I'm still not quite sure on what kneepads to order. Mine wore down again and my tailor gave up on fixing them. I regret not having ordered some PD's when I ordered the wristguards before, as I had to pay 22 euros for customs and taxes when they arrived.

A much cheaper alternative would be 187's pro knees, for example. I can even try them on and buy them at the local longboardshop.
Biff, do you wear PD's single kneepads or PD's 1 & 1/3?

Any ideas and experiences?

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Bernhard: Kneepads (26. Jul. 2012 19:43)
 My preferred knee pads are Scabs. Mine are still usable, but worn that mcuh that I would replace them immediately if I had a pair of replacement Scabs at hand. Alas, doesn't stock them at the moment so I have to wait.

BTW: Maybe you want to consider looking for knee pads at They do have some knee pads ( and you do not have to pay customs fees inside the EU
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cephalopoid: Kneepads (27. Jul. 2012 03:09)
 Heh, coincidence has it, that I've just heard that the local longboardshop plans on ordering PD kneepads. Our custom orders can go along the same shipment as their bulk orders. Hooray!

Subvert's got a really decent selection as well, though.

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h. ludi: Kneepads (28. Jul. 2012 05:13)
 old man army are doing deadbolt pads at the moment.they are very good.
jon from primate here in melbs makes the finest custom pads from time to time as well.
cheers, harry.
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biffsk8er: Kneepads (8. Aug. 2012 16:17)
 I use the super single vert knee pads. Sorry for being so late in getting back to you. I haven't been here much as of late, and I went on a work related trip for two weeks.

I'd would only use the 1 & 1/3 if you are a much bigger guy.

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biffsk8er: Kneepads (8. Aug. 2012 16:19)
 I used incorrect img bad.

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