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2013 new skates almost done.

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biffsk8er: 2013 new skates almost done. (14. Aug. 2013 09:50)
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biffsk8er: 2013 new skates almost done. (14. Aug. 2013 09:50)
 The straight red lines show a groove running from end to end (toe to heel) for sliding on coping, rails, or ledges in a 50/50 style. The hourglass red lines depict a deeper groove shaped so as to allow the backside/frontside grinds to lock in, yet not bind while going around curved rails or coping. Also, you can see that only two bolts hold the entire slider assembly together to the plate. I used furniture bolts.
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biffsk8er: 2013 new skates almost done. (14. Aug. 2013 09:55)
Here, you can see the toe to heel groove. Additionally, you can see the 4 layers of the slide plate assembly, as seen from the toe of the plate.

Here is a side view of the plate (toe end to the left/heel end to the right). You can also see the H-block lock in spot under the slider and the mounting areas for the trucks on either end.

The slider plates have been drilled in order to lighten the weight of the skates. It also lowers the amount of friction when doing grinds...less material to grab.

This is the top of the mounting plate (a cut piece of snow ski). Here you can see where the furniture bolts attach to the 4 prong T-Nut.

The reason to use a ski for a vert skate plate is three-fold :
* It keeps the weight down.
* It is flexible, and springs back to retain its\' shape.
* It is nearly indestructible.

These are the type of nuts used for my plates. They sink in flush to the plate with teeth that prevent them from spinning. Once the boots are mounted on the plates, the low profile nuts will not be felt through the boots.
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Bernhard: 2013 new skates almost done. (14. Aug. 2013 10:43)
 Wow, Swiss cheese!

Great work!
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cephalopoid: 2013 new skates almost done. (15. Aug. 2013 00:27)
 Swiss cheese indeed! :D
Some way or another I just can't bring myself to order those strickywears, it's been on my to do list for more than a year now.

I remember those nuts, I still have a few lying around at my parents' from when I was building my quads and I got the metal inner sole. Very nice things, I loved them for what they were. If only I could find another use for them...
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h. ludi: 2013 new skates almost done. (8. Sep. 2013 01:56)
 I can see you've put a lot of thought into the set up, hope they work well for you.
cheers, H.
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