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the 3 P's
do you have any photos?
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ElleSeven: the 3 P's (20. Aug. 2014 21:07)
 Hi i am a roller skater who skates parks, pavement and paths. The 3 P's. I'm looking for some more friends. I know some people might not be on facebook. but if you are. hope you can find me.
Elle Seven.

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Bernhard: the 3 P's (20. Aug. 2014 22:32)
 Hi Elle,

cool picture! But strange idea to find friends for facebook outside of it. I know, I still have FB account. But it would be no use to delete it, since FB never deletes anything. So the best I can do is to ignore FB and switch off the FB trackers in my browser.

But maybe you want to be friends with roller skaters who do not want to use FB?

My main passion is skating ramps but I also like skating the road. Did not much skating this year till now, but I hope I will again. I'm trying to regain some fitness to be able to have fun skating.

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ElleSeven: the 3 P's (21. Aug. 2014 00:34)
 do you have any photos?
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Bernhard: the 3 P's (21. Aug. 2014 07:11)
 You can find the pictures I pictures I posted here. This link is also besides my name in each of my postings. There are also links to the pictures of other posters and also to videos.

There is also some static content when you click on Vertical Rollerskating on the top, like interviews, How Tos and contest reports.
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bnwsk88: the 3 P's (5. Nov. 2014 03:20)
 Hi Praise for Ell! I had the pleasure of skating with her in the NorthWest US. I hope you are healing well.
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