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Oak Streets for Tim Altic
Please post videos of your daughter learning! Its hard for me being the only person here with only a year experience when others have 20-30 years or more. I would enjoy it nonetheless. I think its great your daughter is taking to rollerskates. How old is she? Also doesnt surprise me most go to boards later, esp. sidesurfing is pretty similar to skateboarding. I find skateboarding and unicycling on the streets easier since you can jump off. Cool!

: Had a quick roll around the road at the weekend, while the boys were on their scooters - daughter is learning on my wife's quads - doing quite well too... being on my skates seemed to be the only way to marshall them all at the same time! The boys are almost 3 and getting more independent all the time. I have loads of different sizes of baseplates and skates all lined up for their progression into the local skatepark. We'll have to see if I'll still be able to see my skates over my belly by that time....can still skate sidestance though, so not all is lost! Interestingly, I got in touch with an old friend whom I used to skate with in the 80s through selling him some stuff through ebay (about as random as you can get...) - a lot of the old crew who skateboarded and rollerskated seem to be heavily into slalom and downhill skateboarding nowadays, in UK anyway, with their kids on rollerskates and skateboards. We'll probably still be rolling with our zimmer frames racing the grandchildren....
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