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BIG light street wheels?
: : Is there anything BIGGER then the krypto 70mm and lighter for street riding to go really fast? OK, I rolled the streets today and went really fast. Wouldnt mind going faster.....
: :
: : Also, any hand brakes lol? I would so commute by rollerskates if I could stop at the bottom of a hill at an intersection. Rollerskates are more fun then skateboards I think. Doesnt stress my hamstring too much but a little.

Oh rad! How do I attach the brake? I likey!!!!!!! Woot!

Ok heres the wheels that might work, just out of price range really lol
But 1st ones I could have harder front, softer rear and try to slide downhill like the skateboarders? Dang that sounds like fun!!
I'm bored lol.
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