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RCon Update
: : :!!!!
: : : Can't Wait. Guys shirts are done. Ladies'll be this weekend. :)
: : :
: :
: : No Hooters leftovers, Jay. These girls might be able to take you out if you offend them. Tread carefully!
: Actually my better (& more attractive) 1/2 is on shirt duty this year. All I had to do was: decide on number & sizes of shirts,print all the appropriate images (in reverse) onto fabric transfers & buy EVERYTHING. Dawnie's actually creating them. :)'ll be hoooters leftovers for everybody!
: PEACE...............................Jay
: And, BTW: I, happen to LIKE Strong, Independent Women who aren't afraid to assert themselves!LOL!

"ass"ert doesn't mean what you think it means, Jay.

Biff :P
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