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Smallest Skates.....finally done shopping!

Hey Everybody.
Ever since Zorg shared that Evian Video, I've been on a Quest. A Quest to find my boy a pair of sk8s that'll fit him. Easier said than done in the States, Kids, let me tell you. Maybe in France they're more commercially available. I mean, you should see the looks salespeople give me when I inquire about rollerskates for babies. They look at me like I'm Crazy. I mean don't these people work on commissions?!?
Once my Dad confirmed for RC I was preoccupied getting gear together for TWO skaters with back-up gear/pads too. That's alot of crap. But once that was done I was focused once again on my son. After all RC is only 10 days away. And today, after several hours in that most loathsome of places, The Mall,I found them!
So, here's my boy, Ryder, with his 1st pair of rollerskates.

Ryder in his 1st SK8s 3

Ryder in his 1st SK8s 2

Close-Up Ryder's 1st SK8s with him wearing them.

Close-Up Ryder's 1st SK8s 1

Close-Up Ryder's 1st SK8s  2

Daddy's SK8 & Ryder's 1st SK8.

Could I be any more Proud?? No. Now, Zorg, how exactly are you French skaters teaching your babies to skate?? Do you start with break-skating or ramp-skating??

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