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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Vert skater in Austin
: : : : Nope, I heard he is a quad skater and a ripper that skates side stance.
: : : :
: : :
: : : I need more info!! I'll have to start asking around for "Jacks".
: :
: : Biff,
: : I bet this Jack dude is talking about YOU! Have you ever sported a goatee? If so, mystery solved. You Rip sidestance (most of the time), you're from Austin.
: : many days til you leave for Vegas now??
: : PEACE............................................ Jay
: No.....I mean I had a goatee for years until I decided to grow out a full beard, albeit trimmed short. But, I never had a long goatee before. And Robert said :
: "He knew of YOU (me-Biff) and also talked about a guy with a long GoTee."

Mystery reopened then. I stand corrected. Weird that you wouldn't have at least heard of another rollerskater in your town though, isn't it?
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