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: : Hope she gets them!
: :
: : No pics, this might be my last painting as I need income. Each painting probably costs about $100 in paint, otherwise I would be painting 3-5 at a time to keep me occupied. In college, I spent $3000/semester on art supplies, just luck I had lots of scholarship money to pay for it. I am trying to figure out how much paint I have left here. I only put in half hour or so every 2-3 days so its something to look forward to. My leg still hurts so bummed about that. I got a referral to see the ortho dr. about that but thats not til Monday. Have fun at RollerCon!
: Hey Claudine,
: Sorry you're hurt. :( I'm still about 50-60% healed on my knee, I'd guess. That's not really sufficient for vert-skating. Hoping to be more like 75-80% by RC. We'll see.
: Talk to you about painting something after you're done with Irene. Heal up.
: PEACE.......................Jay

Hey hope you heal soon! I would put a brace under the pads for now when you do skate. I've done that. Knees suck, they take time. Mine isnt bad, but gets worse if I exercise. Something is strained. Just killing me sitting on my ass...... I wish my appt. were sooner so I could know what helps/hinders it.
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