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Thank You, Bernard!
: Cool that the stickers arrived. But it's 'Bernhard' with an 'h' ... The name is composed of 'Bear' and 'hard', meaning 'strong as a bear' or 'bear killer'.
: : But, Bernard, you couldn't have written me a brief note or given me some literature from one of those "Happy Vagon" vans I hear you guys have parked discreetly around your fine Country??
: ??? Just kidding. I had an old landlord when I lived in Florida who actually lived in Germany. He used to regale me with tales of German hookers that plied their trade out of vans parked discreetly around German neighborhoods. I think he said they were all painted pink...Thanks for the stickers.
: Probably related to this:
: : Come on. I'll send you some flyers for Vegas hookers. :)
: Sorry, I do not have flyers of this kind ...
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