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ting with Dad tomorrow..
: Hey All,
: I'm skating tomorrow for 1st time since knee injury & I won't be Alone. My Dad's in Town & we're planning a light session at local park (RC's Stop 5) Duck Creek. It's small. What I call a 'Noping' Park. It doesn't have coping or defined lips anywhere. This park here:
: I think it'll be good re-introduction to pool skating for my 62 year-old father who hasn't put on a pair of sk8s for 30+ years. I hope I'm right.
: Between my still fairly gimp knee & my dad's time away, we could use some POSSITIVE rollerskater Vibes coming our way from everybody. Thanks. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!
: I'll be sure to capture something tomorrow with Dad. I'll post for your viewing pleasure asap.
: PEACE.......................................Jay


Enjoy 'noping' along. I'm leaving in the morning to head your way. See you all soon!

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