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1st time on skates in over 30 years......but you'd never know it!!!
Hi Everybody.
Well, as some of you know, my Dad's in town & will be for RollerCon. Today we went to RC's Stop 5, Duck Creek to try out some gear for him & just to give him a chance to roll around again for the 1st time in over 30 years. Hell, to give me a chance to roll around too, since I haven't even laced up since taking that padless knee spill a couple weeks ago.
I gotta tell you, it did my Heart good to see my Dad out there at all. And once I saw what he could do after being off his sk8s for SO LONG made me feel Amazed. I may be skating for AWHILE yet, People! :)
Well, I know you're all dying to see a 62-Year Old Skater so without further he is. My Dad,Ben:

Bear in Mind, the Man has a metal knee cap as a result of a vertical rollerskating injury in late 70's!!!

My Dad & me. Father & Son. Also, Grandfather & Father. Also, Great-Grandfather AND Grandfather!! :)

And finally, the Post-Session Rap-Up. And, Look, everyone's still Ambulatory! Smiling even!!

So, that's all, Kids. We kept it short & Sweet. It wasn't that we were outta gas, just wanted to end Happy. We're planning to hit another local park Pre-RC to give my Dad a little more time on his sk8s before all the Big Dogs roll into Town. Me too. I need Vert......
More soon. Hope you guys liked this one. Pretty Special for me. Thanks to Bernard, As Always for this Forum to share it with you All.
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