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GET to Vegas
: Saturday night, The Rileys' stayed the night in a tent at the Monahan Sand Dunes State Park. Sunday, we did a tour of the Carlsbad Cavern. Sunday night, we were in a hotel in Roswell New Mexico. Today (Monday), we went to see the Alien Museum before leaving Roswell. We visited the Very Large Array on the way to Springerville Arizona, where we are now staying the night in the 'Rode Inn'.
: I'll post pics later. I'm unfamiliar with this laptop and I'm working in the dark while everyone is sleeping in the motel room.
: Soon..........Vegas
: Cheers!
: Biff

Hey. Glad you & The Fam are enjoying the Trip & smelling the Roses. What's your ETA in Vegas? Still not thinking you'll make Wed night? Hit me up when you're here or close. Just to touch base, OK? Can't wait to meet The Rileys!!
PS. Don't type in the Dark.
It's Bad for your eyes. :P
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