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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
RollerCon Stop 1
Hey Everybody,
Well, it has Begun. Las night we had a light turnout @ the park, Mountain Ridge SK8Park, but it was alot of Fun.
I warn you all now, don't expect daily updates on this, the uploading time is ridiculous & I'm only getting busier. But, I thought I'd give you guys a taste.
Here's some pics......
Irene & I getting ready to sk8:
Irene & Jay @ Stop 1

Irene FS Slide Mini:
Irene Frontside sliding the Mini @ Stop 1

Derby Girl "Agata Chokabitchskie" after dropping in for 1st time on Mini!

Choke Dropped In!!

This is why I do RC, Kids. To expose more people(girls) to ramp/park/pool skating!

Now for some videos....
Here's Poster Girl, PITA on the mini ramp.

Irene Ching rippin the Mini:

Yours Truly, Jay on the Mini:

And, last, but not least, Derby Girl Chokabitchskie dropping in, then going to one knee (she really did make those after less than an hour in park with some expert tutelage!) because camera messes with her head. There is nothing wrong with my camera, the blackout is Las Vegas Parks Department way of saying "No More Skating!". Crazy, huh?

So, after the session, I heard from Tim Altic & grabbed him from airport. So tonight he'll be joining us. Desi Jones & Lee Ettinger are getting slow start outta LA & may miss tonight, but will make tomorrow. SO will Duke Rennie & Karen Rennie. Hoping to hear from Brother Biff today...soon even. And Fred Blood's confirmed for my Area 702 party on Saturday night. So the skating's only getting better...just like the parks......

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