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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
RollerCon Stop 3 Hollywood SkatePark
Again, I have to start with an Apology. I was there to SK8, NOT to Film, so I was Lax. Also, my step-mom had allergic reaction about midway through this session & I had alot to deal with including an Ambulance. It's OK though. She's fine. I can't believe I didn't get ANY film of Duke in the Full-Pipe (he OWNS it!) but I know my father did. Once I get the footage, I'll post it.
Here's what I DO have.....

Irene Ching in the 1/2 Pipe:

Biff Riley in the 1/2 Pipe:

Me in the 1/2 Pipe:

Now, some after skating shots from the IP (Imperial Palace)
1st, the Lovely Karen Rennie with her husband Duke:

Karen 'KP' Rennie & Duke 'Quad God' Rennie

A slightly inebriated Jay & Desi Jones:

Drunk Jay & Drunk Desi

Karen found her Twin, 'Olive Torture'!:
KP found her Twin!

And in case you wonder why I LOVE Derby girls:

Seee why I LIKE Derby Girls?

So, that was what Friday Stop 3 was like. No more. My wife AND Baby need attention. More Thursday or Friday.....
Hope you liked this......
And wait til you see Area 702 Stop 4!!! And the skating WAS Crazy!!!
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