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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
My take on Tuesday @ Santa Monica's "Cove"
Hi Everybody,
I'm going out of Sequence here since I still have RollerCon's Stops 4 & 5 to post. However I felt obligated to post this 1st since Robert was so good to post his stuff so quickly & he wasn't even IN it!
Plus maybe this'll help everyone know who's who:
I also was able to edit for the 1st time! Nothing fancy, mind you, but still my 1st post without single video clips. I'm almost tech-savvy! LOL!
Anyway, here it is, Kids.
Skaters in order of appearance are:

1: Desi Jones
2: Lee Ettinger
3: Robert Chase
4: Jay(Me)Cloetens (note, Robert & I are 2 totally different people!!)
5: Biff Riley
6: Biff & Duke Rennie
7: Picture of Biff & Duke doing inverts.
8: Pic of whole Cove Crew:
From Left: Raven Riley, Chris Rennie, Jay, Biff, Duke, derby girl, Desi, Lee, Robert.
Let me know what you think of my very 1st video editing foray.

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