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I am a total kook
Ok, I know I have posted old video of myself before so this is not new. But, I don't think I posted old video of me on inlines. I came across this video the other night while intoxicated and posted it on RollerGirl's forum. I am posting it for two reasons. I am intoxicated again and I thought it would be cool to show Biff's son what we did on inlines a long time ago. What's really weird is that I learned inverts on blades, but have never done one on rollerskates. The first ramp that I am on my inlines is a backyard ramp where I used to skate with Lee Ettinger. We were talking about it the other day and let me tell you, that dude ripped on inlines. The guy went from sidestance to parellel and was as good as anyone. Sorry for reposting this, but when I get drunk I get nostalgic. It's amazing to see these guys skate now as good as I skated back then. Because of the other night, I am committed to learning inverts. My only problem is that I have a shoulder I can't really use, but I will do it. I am sure I will be embarrassed tomorrow, but that is what happens when you drink. lol

Old School Skating With Quads and Inline from Robert Chase on Vimeo.

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