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Beer Hunter (videos by Beer Hunter) (pictures by Beer Hunter)
Skating at The Cove in Santa Monica
It's only 50% with the corrections that I suggested. The only one I got right was Jay, and I had to go back and watch other videos in order to get him right. His stature is unique, and the skates finally gave him away. Desi, his beard was visible, Biff I know you anywhere since I have seen your antics in person, and the other 2 I just best guessed according to who was supposed to be there that night.

My new skates are working extremely well for me. I have visited 2 parks for the first time with them and have found the stability to be exceptional. I had my first mini ramp experience on Friday... it's amazing how much speed you carry to the other side of the ramp after a drop in! It took me a number of tries to keep from rolling out the other side with too much excess speed. I Still need to work on stalls though... things are looking up for me.

: Ah! So, you know more than you pretend to know!! Watch this one, guys! LOL!
: Btw, how is your new set up working out?

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