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RC 09 Full Video Version 1
Def the best RC ever! So many rad attendees, old and new ... what a huge turnout!
Wow, to ALL thanks... Fred & Laurie, Duke, Karen & Chris, Jay, Dawn & Ryder, Ben & Robin, Biff, Holly & Raven, Pita & Todd, Bill & Jess, Tim, Desi, Dinah Betcha, Lisa Rollergirl, EstroJen, Agata Chokabichski and all the derby skaters who came out and skated. BIG UPPS FOR THE LADIES!!!
Hella fun, start planning for next year, it's only getting bigger!
Stoked on your vid, good on the edits, Jay... more, more.
The skating was stellar and fears were overcome and new beginnings for parks and friendships have commenced. Agata rocked Stop 1 first time out. Pita is my hero with the most courage. Ben is pure inspiration. Biff's Texas-style is impressive, if not crazy. Raven's a smooth... mellow ripper. Fred kills it no matter what. Lee was MIA ... we missed you!
Although I missed Stop 5 and the Cove, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the above. The vids helped a lot (thx Robert).
Looking forward the next time we can all get together again. To all the winners in Vegas, Cheers!
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