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: : Personally, I would like to see all photos compiled onto one page. I find it more interesting to see various skaters and their individually unique styles that they each bring to rollerskating.
: I would agree with Irene, I think the profiles are great for finding out more about a specific individual and would love to see more people featured. A gallery, like a magazine, would be fun to flip through checking out various images of a bunch of different folks. There might even be numerous volumes if there was a need. I have higher definition copys of all the pictures I've submitted and would glady forward them to you. Brian

Brian, thank you for the offer w.r.t. the images. I gladly accept it and hope to be able to integrate them into a page worthy of them.

Being an information structuring freak, I somewhat resent a "kitchensink" gallery. How about an index page along the lines of Irene's vertical roller skater's index? There could be a name, an image, location and contact information for each skater. And a link to a profile/interview page if it exists.
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