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Nelo (pictures by Nelo)
Hello rollerskaters,
I think that a rollerskate meeting on summer (North hemisphere) would be fine. Europe or USA?
For me (I live in Spain), going to California and skate Woodward Camp, as well as Encinitas, Escondido and so, with another vert rollerskaters is a dream that I really want to come true. But there is a problem you can guess: money. We have to pay the rent of our indoor vert ramp every month and it is a lot of money. The travel and stay in the USA for us (me and maybe one guy more)is really expensive (1.000 US$ or much each one).
A gathering in Europe is more affordable for me (I think I'm showing myself as a selfish person but I have to be honest).
I think that maybe a solution is to make two gatherings, one in the USA and another in Europe, so everyone can go to one or both.
There is also another problems with the dates and final place.
Another thing I want to say is that I don't like too much a contest atmosphere for a meeting. The schedules used to be very rigid and they only let you skate a little to get used to the ramp. This problem is increased when you have to share the ramp with another athletes of some other disciplines.

Hope to hearing from you...

P. S.: if any of you is going to travel to Madrid, please e-mail me. All of you are wellcome in our 2 feet of vert-vert ramp (Its huge but you can pull off every kind of tricks). Is a ramp built and managed by rollerskaters.
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