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please no rain!
Tomorrow is my last day cast free. I guess I am glad. I'm getting bad pains, hope its just spasms. Get this freakin plate out!! Anyway, I rollerskated the street again. This time my hammy didnt really ache me. I guess its OK. I wish it werent going to rain tomorrow. I am not sure its a good idea with the pain in my arm anyway, but wish I could roll the bowl one more time..... Its an hour away and supposed to rain all day. Hope least a good roll on the street.

Good thing, learnt how to fall! I rode the uni first time in a long time, 10 mins. I have this 89mm cranks on and I lost some of my ability. My feet stuck to the pins on the pedals and fell onto my butt. Picked a good spot and rolled it out. I can even sit. Not a hand nor elbow was near the ground, all tucked in. Odd felt like I have a full minute to plan my fall. I thought I would hurt since I've lost weight but I am sitting on my ass and its like nothing happened. Nice 3 foot fall. Cool. Dumb me, only fall without pads!
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