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Where would the fun be?:
: I talked to a snowboarder about this subject, not knowing that snowboarding has gone olympic. He first told me that is indeed olympic now and he also had the opinion that it wasn't for the good of snowboarding.

-- The money destroys everything in my opinion. The snowboarders seemed to have fun in Utah, more than the other athletes and if the commentary was right the snowboard events were the first sold out, but what would have happended if no billion dollar tourist and hardware industry would be behind it? Do you think a rebellious sport which snowboarding was considered in the beginning would have gotten olympic? seriously not.
Lets do our own thing and stay true to ourselves. Like Terje Haakonsen said: "I dont need the olympics"
let us have our own olympics during every single session we have together. let us be there for the fun of it all!
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