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Virtual Vert Session # 1
Jay, that was your best video yet. You must have a Mac because your editing is so good. Your dad is a nut. It's funny because when I think of the innovators of our sport I think of guys like Duke, Fred, Brian and have learned of so many others all over the world. I can't imagine when your dad skated. What a fucking legend. I think you need to get an interview with your dad so all of us young kids can hear about the old days. lol I am bummed that I did not video Desi and Duke on tuesday night. It was Desi's last tuesday night and I just found out I don't need to go to L.A. anymore for work. I really hope Duke, Desi, and Lee will come out to Encinitas and skate with me one day. Maybe we can get Fred as well? I was telling Duke that when I skated at my prime, I was only 11-12 years old. Duke was 17 and 18 so I never met him or a lot of the other guys. I am so bummed we don't have more pictures of the guys that killed it back in the 80's. My mentor was Paul Votava and since I was just a young kid, I did not know too much about him. It seems all of the old pros know of him and he is truly a legend. He now reside in Panama and runs a restaurant. I looked him up online and sent him an e-mail one day. It would be cool, if you all looked him up and said hello. He was one of the most powerful parellel skaters I have ever seen. Ok, the post is starting to sound like a Jay post. lol


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