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A New Toy
Thanks for pointing out the arm movement, Claudine. I also noticed the lack of arm movement for pump action, after watching the videos of myself. I have been working on that lately.

I have learned a little from watching myself and now can spot problem areas to work on. It is strange to see myself skating, much like when I hear my own voice in a recording. Is that what I sound like? Do I really skate that way? I think my kneepads are a little crooked.

The Crash Pads came in on Friday, and Today I got my first session in with them on. These are the model 2500. The fit is quite good really... I do not even realize the I am wearing them while skating, not until I sit down on the concrete ledge for a break. Then I can sit for long periods in comfort. These would not work so well for some of the younger skaters who find it necessary to wear their pants with the belt right at the crotch level though. That would require a larger jean size. I did not get to test the tail bone protection effectiveness yet, but the extra padding sure makes me feel more confident.
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