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Dedication to Tristan Hartmann
My dedication to Tristan. Much thanks to my son Raven for editing it for me.

Tristan died recently from cancer at the age of twelve. He was the raddest cool skateboarding kid you'd ever know! He was the 'punk' in "spunky"! His Dad is an aggressive inline skater I frequently talk to online.

He recently passed on from a terrible bout with cancer, yet it was Tristan that held his family together through it all.

I was prompted by his Dad Mark, to say "That wasn't s***!" if I tried a trick at the skate park and failed. I got right back up and did it again. I was not going to fail because Tristan wouldn't want me to quit.

Tristan, keep looking after your Dad. We'll keep looking for you. Skate on.............

Be sure to watch past the dark pause in the middle of the film.

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