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Virtual Vert Sessions Continue.....Video

Hello Quad Kids.
How's Everything going in your little parts of the World? I hope that you all are well & your skating is feeling good. :)
I spoke with my Dad, Ben, earlier & we were both Down for a Virtual Vert Session tonight. I even spoke with Brother Duke on my drive to Area 702 & he was saying that hearing Ben & I were skating was motivating him out the Door to Santa Monica with his boy, Chris. I don't, however, have any Rennie footage. Sorry. BTW: Duke celebrated a B-Day last Saturday if anyone wants to put it on their Calendar.
Well, after talking to my Dad (who's Session was already over) & Duke (who was behind me, but Stoked) I was REALLY feeling this V.V. Sesh for some reason.
I'm hoping that more of you guys start feeling a part of these V.V. seshs & posting some of your stuff from average sessions.
There's something cool about knowing your Homie(s) are out there...somewhere....skating with you. Hard to explain, but I'm diggin it. You might too.
On a slight tangent: just FYI I don't film ALL the time I'm skating, though my better 1/2 would probably dispute that! LOL! I just try to capture an impression of my sesh for these posts. Not sure if I succeed or not.
Anyway, I wanna say one more thing before the good stuff: I LOVE the Forum & getting to share stories, pics & vids, ideas with all of you REALLY Genuine & Cool People, I really do. But it has been Crazy Cool having this thing with my Dad again after being his being out of it for so long. I REALLY hope my boy Ryder wants to SK8 & enjoys it when he's a bit older. Board, Blade, Bike SK8s, anything would be great to be able to share this thing I love with my boy. Like Biff with Raven. Like Duke with Chris. I guess, for Ben, like him & me.
Alright it's Late. I gotta Sleep then work. But I had to share this asap.

Hope you guys liked it. It was Fun to sk8/produce! LOL!

Keep Rollin' on all 8!
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