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very sad news for me......
Hey Claudine, I don't know what it is like where you live, but it is very expensive to live alone in SoCal. I used to pay $1500 for rent and utilities. I decided to lower my expenses and have lived in a roommate situation for the last two years. You might want to check that out. I am saving at least $500 a month and finally making some good money. Maybe you can do the roommate thing, if that is something they do in your area. It is quite normal where I live. I am hoping to save enough money in the next six months to get my own place again, but it is nice to finally have a little extra money. Chicken breasts are the best protein you can get. If you have a Costco, then you can buy a shitload of frozen breasts for pretty cheap. If you don't, you still can buy them at the grocery store for pretty cheap. If you eat three breasts a day, you will definitely get enough protein. I personally like two breasts, but that is me. lol
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