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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Some pretty old pics.,....
Hey Everybody.
1st let me say that I hope Claudine heals more quickly than her Dr is saying.
Dawn found a couple old floppy discs last week & I took 'em in to Sam's Club to convert to CD since we don't have PC that'll read floppys.
I got some low-res old pics I thought you guys might like.

1st: me rolling into the ramp I learned to sk8 on, Kirk's ramp I helped him build. Though this was version 2.0 originally this escalator was a channel & ramp was 4 feet narrower:

Jay on Kirk's Ramp Escalator Side

2nd: Me doing a sloppy aerial (only kind I can do!) over the channel on my old vert ramp.
20 foot wide, 10 foot tall, 9 foot radius, steel layer, PERFECTION! The ramp, of course, not me!

Jay Sloppy Channel Air

3rd: less sloppy aerial over same channel:

Less Sloppy Channel Air

4th: This was a fiberglass modular skate construct from the late '60s that I had on loan from Tim Payne of Team Pain for about 18 months. This was the photo he emailed me when looking to have me babysit it for him. I assembled it differently into an actual closed loop oval. It was fun with 2 over-vert bowled pockets. :)

Hot Wheels Track.

And, I'm wondering, with all the weird probs we were having with Forum & posts relating to that if everyone missed my latest Virtual Vert Video post from late last night. I didn't get any comments/replies anyway & I thought it was one of my more amusing offerings. Maybe I was wromg! LOL!
Anyway, hope you guys liked this at least!

Claudine, I'm sending you Good Vibes, Girl! Extra calories too! Not sure if that'll work though.....

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