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Sketch of Tat I'm getting tomorrow.

Hey Everybody,
I'm REALLY STOKED about a pair of tattoos I'm getting tomorrow. They're appropriate subject matter for our Beloved Forum as they're my SK8s!
I'm getting one on each forearm. Pretty Sick. My Tat Artist, Aaron, says he thinks it'll be about 10 hours total. I snuck up there one night early & snapped this pic of his rough sketch. There WILL be a bit more color in it, like my trademark purple. But they'll pretty much look like this.
Artist's Sketch of my Tattoo...well 1 of 2.

I do have Slogans that will be on my Slider Plates, but you'll have to wait for those.....
Hope you like it cuz I'm getting 2 big-ass ones tomorrow night just like it!

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