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rollerskates on roids!
Here are my rollerskates with the wheels I got awhile ago. I just picked them up. I felt so bad about getting them but now I dont as I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! I'm so incredibly happy to have the best outdoor setup rolling. I dont think there is a wheel out there even close to these. These make rollerskates even to inlines in how they roll. Very smooth! A guy lathed them for me, I'm so lucky!! They are tall and skinny. Now I can roll without having to keep my legs so far apart so I can easily do crossovers and turn sharply without having problems. They make the skates feel like they are half the weight too. I am so happy now! I had a lot of fun today just rolling around. The ride is very amazing. I felt like I was a trillion-aire out there today on my skates! I still cannot wait to roll the bowls but now I think I'll be OK. Dump the kryptonics and heavy wheels, these are a dream. I can even roll over pinecones with these lol. No problem. No inlines for me. These roll fast, smooth as butter, nimble. I'm going to dodge cones with these!!!! I didnt get to bomb hills or slide as I wanna be cautious for now. I even have sucky bearings. But I will wait til I have income but they still turn OK.
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