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My New Tattoos!!!

OK, Everyone. Sorry to keep you all in Suspense. But I WAS up ALL night getting Tattooed until 530am yesterday morning. Then Dawnie, Ryder & I had a Sin City Derby Scrimmage we were duty-bound to attend last night. I just got some pics taken & uploaded. So, without further delay:

You all remember the rough Sketch, right?

Artist's Sketch of my Tattoo...well 1 of 2.

OK....well here's my right arm:

Jay's Right Arm

My Left:

Jay's Left Arm

And in case you think it's the same

Me, Ryder & Derby Girls in BG on track.

Both Arms 2 days after...notice the shirt.

Both Arms 1 1/2 days after.

So. That's it, Kids. I guess I'm a Quad Skater For Life now!
I MUST know what you all think. So let 'em Rip.
Also, Welcome Back Ludi! Missed ya, Mate!

Keep Rollin' on 8!

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