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Champigny challenge 2009 (Sept 27)
The blue stuff are sunbathing chairs, no?
Bowl is cool and smooth now. Grinding it's corners are fun.

I've seen BMX, skateboards and inlines airing the canyon.
On previous sessions, also doing rotation on it (Taig Khris). One did the gap landing straight on the coping with a long slide on it.

I didn't try the 6.5m roll in yet, as I should have to turn on my wrong side parallel or backside sidestance, trying not to air, cause it would be too high for me, haha.
But the 3m wide canyon is tempting......trying first parallel or sidestance, that is the question!!
For the rsk8ting comp, we were fewer than 10 (7?), as there was another street comp in Le Mans (200km). I was the only quad skater (oldschool in all the terms), but there could have been another one that use to come. So beeing third was quite easy....
Qualifying for final was the hard part with two 45" long runs. For the final we were 4, session organized as a jam session. I was wondering to try or not the canyon to keep my rank at the final...but the forth didn't come....

So next year, there could be more quad skaters than inliners, that is easy task if spaniards come, and lets dream why not US and Aussies!!!!

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