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Not a quad, but....
Biff, I think what that kid did was absolutely amazing. I am guessing that was somewhere in Europe and maybe inline is a different scene there. I used to inline, but did it in a way that was very similar to what we all do now. I have never been a hater and still respect any good skating, but I have to admit that the inline culture is not what I am into. I would guess that a lot of us identify with skateboarders because we have shared spots with them for so long and have sort of adapted to their scene a little bit. It seems the inliners have either wanted to have their own scene or just sort of evolved into their own scene. I am no hater by any means and will always say hello to an inliner at a park and hope to skate with them. But, they seem to want to distance themselves from the vert skateboarder/rollerskater scene and I am starting to understand why they are called fruitbooters. I think everyone deserves to have fun doing their sport, but I am starting to find myself thinking I have absolutely nothing in common with the fruitbooters and no longer stick up for them in the skateboard forums. That trick was sick no matter who did it, but I would much rather skate with rollerskaters or skateboarders and not dudes wearing white tight pants with their boxers hanging out and pink on their skates. I have seen your son skate and he is really good and I would skate with him any day and any time. But, the inliners I knew back in the day were an evolution of skateboarding and rollerskating and these new inliners just don't do it for me.
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