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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
St. Gallen video
: Please Bernhard, some videos or picts from you in rskating action!!!!!! Who knows, beiing in front of the objective might push you to improve your sk8 skills ;-)

I fear I cannot comply with this wish. It's a rare occasion to be skating at all and even less rare not to be skating alone. But I did post on old skating picture of me to the forum ...

: BTW, I might go to Berlin by end of october, not 100% sure yet, but Berlin vert and bowl in Skate Halle would then be on my target list, what do you think of this indoor park?

I've never been there but it is a place worth visiting. The ramp is the home ramp of Jürgen Horrwarth, one of the top European vert skateboarders.
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