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Vert Trading Cards
Hey all you Groovy Skaters,

I'd like to encourage all of you to submit your pics and stats/text for your very own cards. Send whatever you like and if you have preferences on how the material is used, please... all ideas are welcome.

Depending on how much text is involved, this usually determines how many pics are used and their placement on the back.
Tech info: Right now, these files are low res for web, screen-viewing only (not great for big printouts).
For printing cards/posters, the images need to be higher res (larger size files), so scan them at actual size (4x5 or larger) at 300 dpi.
Cards for printing need to be converted to CMYK (color shift) and are high resolution. I can supply both types of files: screen & print.

And yes, I've tried to color coordinate the back with the country's flag colors, but most flags seem to be comprised of red, white and blue. Hit me with any questions you want. If there is anything you think we should add or change, please make suggestions.

Here's your chance! Looking forward to doing the rest of this collection, Irene

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