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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Couple of videos including a whole new (short) format . Thank You, Robert!
Thanks, Robert for turning me onto animoto (via FB), I may just upgrade to their "Pro" version....I'm still playing with their stuff......
Anyway, Hi Everybody!
I wrote to "Orangegold1" the channel holder of the YouTube account that posted the Albert Renshaw video. I told him that there WERE others like him (but MUCH older! LOL!) & we'd LOVE to meet him. I gave my contact info AND the Vert-Forum URL. I hope I didn't come across as some kind of creep. I don't think I did. After all, I'm NOT a Creep! So, hopefully, we'll hear something from him (and/or his folks) & can network with him.
Anyway, I've got a couple of videos to share......more 30-60 sec clips, I'm afraid. I went to Anthem with my buddy Ian last week & did some filming. Since I know everybody (Biff!) loves Anthem (Irene, you & I should hit it while you're here too) I'm including a few here.
When I 1st showed up, my 1st Run with Invert:

Same Run (basically) from Stationary Cam:

Trying to cover the park in next 3 clips:

Now me trailing my buddy Ian:

Here is from last Sunday @ a park I've never shown you guys before called Sunny Springs Park. This park is cool BUT has SO MUCH Debris!! Plus it's farthest away from my house of any park I'm aware of:

Love my new Tattoos. They're totally healed now. Do you think they look like my SK8s?

Pre-Session @ Sunny Springs SK8 Park 10/10/09

Here's my 1st run @ Sunny Springs. You can tell Dawn's a little less than totally Stoked to be here. :)

My next couple runs...that back Bowl aka the Debris Bowl was SCARY! Rocks....bottles caps.....cigarette butts....yuck!

Dawn filmed one run for me:

My personal Fav from SS, Ryder-Cam....what my boy sees from his stroller:

And, lastly, this is Thanks to Brother Robert. I've used animoto for this compilation. If I like it, I'll probably upgrade to their pro version for full-length videos. Anyway, this one is pics of various skaters, Irene, Robert, Duke, KP, me & @ the end 2 vid clips of my Dad, Ben going into a foampit yesterday! 62 & trying a Backflip! You GOTTA LOVE this!
Thanks, Dad! And Thanks, Robin for filming!! BTW: Not sure how this animoto will work for may have to cut/paste into new tab/window. Sorry.

Thanks. Hope this was entertaining.
PEACE & Keep Rollin on 8!!!

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