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Vert Card #3
Remember this little tidbit as well gang. These first edition Vert Cards will be even more valuable down the pike because they are by definition "Rookie Cards" which are always worth more. Truth is I'm not convinced my card will be worth anything signed or not. Shouldn't be a problem for me to put a few drops of blood on the card though, seems I'm usually bleeding somewhere on my body after an 8 wheel vert session. Makes more sense to me to have Irene sign all the cards, then we can be assured they will go up in value. Jay talks about us all being narcissists. These ego boosting self promoting hero status images don't reinforce that....right? I mean.....I know I will never be as good as the card makes me look or feel so, with that it mind, I'm off to the printer to have 500 #2 cards printed.
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